We are a team of executives, top management professionals with decades of experience in various positions such as managing directors, project managers, finance experts and other top management experience.
They have worked in such industries as automotive, equipment tooling and engineering.
All hands on to execute the planned activities

Our Team

“More than 30 years of experience in managing difficult situations.”

Your tasks in experienced hands.

Dr. Frank Loeschmann

Founder and Managing Director (CEO)

Head of Engineering, Manufacturing, Projects and Technical Planning at Volkswagen in Germany. Director of Manufacturing and Engineering department of SEAT in Spain. President of Volkswagen Group India. Since 2011 CEO of SisTeam Group, specialized in development and optimization of companies. More than 25 years of experience in establishing new business activities in companies such as Daimler, Volkswagen and SEAT.

“In a fast-changing world offering both challenges and opportunities. Opening new markets offer new perspectives. We hold excellent market positions providing our clients with outstanding services and top quality. We provide sustainable strategies, innovative and interlinked solutions for your company to use resources more carefully, reaching your objectives achieving sustainable success.”

Anja Löschmann

Managing Director (CFO)

More than 20 years of experience in:
• Finance
• Financial Auditing
• Automotive