More than 30 years of experience in managing difficult situations.


S – sustainable – i – innovative – s – solution
backed up by a strong Team

SisTeam is a group of companies with locations in Germany, Spain and China and provides solutions to improve your company’s results. 

With coaching and training we offer sustainable strategies and innovative solutions to achieve your goals and the desired success.


SisTeam is developing companies and creating solutions in areas of process development, process improvement. We are specialized in industries such as automotive, mechanics, electronics, new mobility.

Our approach is always implementation oriented. Thus, extends the usual consulting approach.

Together we define your goals in business, processes or projects. We analyse the situation, create a business action plan with your team to reach your desired goals as quick as possible.

Continual ongoing support with coaching to improve the long-term sustainability of your company.


Going to the root cause, identifying areas of action and suggesting solutions. We work according to an action plan standard based on a defined strategy. We are selecting the appropriate specialists to discover the best possible solution.


“We coach and qualify your managers and employees according to your goals”