Coaching and qualification

SisTeam is offering all kinds of business leadership training.

The training based on newest didactic findings, already used in universities (Chemnitz, Toronto, etc.) for MBA students, master’s degree and postgraduate courses.
Managers will be trained in a most effective way to the necessary management skills.
In Germany professional training is obligation in all kinds of jobs but there is no professional training obligation for top managers.
To reach personal and business success we have developed coaching programs, one related to the other.

Do you need a personal trainer for your company?

A company can slow down, lose its form. Fortunately, there are methods to get lean again


Process development

In the direct and indirect area, there is always a need for optimization. Whether lean management or continuous improvement process, our experts will conduct workshops with you and train your team. Quick wins and a qualified team.

Company development

Sometimes your company development needs functions and expertise not available in the organization. Our experts are filling these gaps and optimizing your organization to sustainable success.