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 Third Step: the inclusion of the whole team


The inclusion of the whole team in processes has shown as an immanent success.The cooperation does not just show problem awareness but also the will to change and to provide for sustainable success. That approach is the difference between the SisTeam group and other companies specialized on optimization. The inclusion is implemented via workshops adjusted to the changing processes.

The workshops in direct areas are similar as the “Kaizen Workshops” implemented . However optimization potentials  are predefined by previous value stream analysis and process studies. A workshop takes 5 days including an evaluation and already includes process optimizations (as far as possible during the workshops) and a detailed ToDo list with dates and outlays. The number of workshops is given by the sequence of direct company processes

In indirect areas workshops of optimization of transparency and processing speed were implemented. By this method an increase in indirect areas is achievable. The inclusion of employees therefore is important for creating the will of change and awareness of problems. Usually the measures has to be scheduled here at first when it is about your growth or a new market abroad.