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About us


Sustainable – innovative – solution

backed up by a strong Team.
We are a team of executive top management professionals with decades of experience in various positions such as managing directors, project management, CFO´s and other top management positions.
They have worked in such industries as automotive, equipment tooling and engineering.
The companies we have acted for are medium sized as well as large companies based in Europe, China and India.


Services we provide

Together with you we define your goal in business, process or projects.

We analyse the situation, create a business action plan with your team to reach your desired goals as quickly as possible.

Continual ongoing support with coaching to improve the long-term sustainability of your company.


Mission statement:

A fast-changing world offering both challenges and opportunities.
Opening new markets offer new perspectives.
We hold excellent market positions providing our clients with outstanding services and top quality.
We provide sustainable strategies, innovative and interlinked solutions for your company to use resources more carefully, reaching your objectives achieving sustainable success.